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A Matter Of Life And Death

Behind the scene, a shady group of capitalists manipulate the masses to worship wealth. Anonymous bodies pile up in this world embroiled in the mindless accumulation of material goods. Our social fabric is torn and tattered, old world values forgotten and laid to dust. We move on unknowingly but willingly; killing each other and robbing our children of what used to be. Trees older than our modern civilisations are rendered helpless, razed and flattened to make way for shopping malls and asphalt roads. 


A Matter of Life and Death is a collection of different short stories based on the same theme. 


It is about stories of long forgotten memories, or hidden from the public. Each story gives rise to another memory, anecdote, or tirade against an imagined enemy. Though it is only fictional (or some, historical), it still acts as a warning to us: We could mess up; we could lose all this; our world could be a past if we are not being careful.


Globalisation: A death sentence signed by seven billion people.

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