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Seascape showcases Chong's photographic series of seascapes captured along Asia's coastline. Documenting the peaceful chasm that delineates sea from land, public from private and human from the wild. Chong forges a dialogue about the coexistence of human beings with nature, represented by an unfathomable ocean that engulfs the continent.


Taken at different locations along coastal Southeast Asia, the photographs are united in their composition. Carefully orchestrated, each image alludes to man as a creator, defined however by the parameters set by nature. Be it a buoy, boat, seemingly abandoned pier or a kitsch crab statue, the traces left by man are generously featured in the center of the works. Blending into the lucid ocean and sky, the human world coexists with nature seamlessly in the fictional space.


The work gives off a zen-like tranquil quality, almost too still at a first glance. However, carefully maneuvered is the same ratio of the sky to the sea across the series, which when displayed side by side, reflects the manifolds of nature's colours across time and space. Marveling at nature's unfathomable depths, the human world is situated comfortably within, celebrating the complexity of the expanse we create together.

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